The Atlantic
An emerging & globalised Atlantic Space?

ATLANTIC FUTURE scientific paper no. 31 is out: "An emerging and globalised Atlantic Space?", by Jordi Vaquer, Laia Tarragona and Pol Morillas Barcelona at Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB)

While the Atlantic has lost the pre-eminence of times past, it is still an essential part of today’s globalised world. This article gives an overview of the defining features of globalisation and looks at the shortcomings of global governance in the ongoing shift of power. The article analyses some of the challenges for the emergence of a wider Atlantic space. Failure to unite all regions bordering the Atlantic into a common view, the scepticism in South Atlantic countries about the very idea of the Atlantic space, the lack of efficient management of common and scarce resources, the food imbalances found in the Atlantic and the issues that come with state fragility are analysed here as some of the main obstacles to the emergence of a true Atlantic space based on cooperation and opportunities for all the regions. Finally, the paper concludes with a reflection on the potential for cooperation in the Atlantic in certain specific areas.

  • An emerging and globalised Atlantic Space?
    December 14, 2015
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