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Atlantic Future Policy Report No. 2: “Elements for an EU’s pan-Atlantic agenda: building an Atlantic community” written by Nicoletta Pirozzi and Bernardo Venturi from the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) is out

The Atlantic space – comprising the four regions along the Atlantic Ocean, namely North America, Central and South America and the Caribbean, Europe and Africa – is not a region defined by natural borders. Nevertheless, it can be conceptualized as a large geo-strategic space that is characterized by common features and challenges, from which it is possible to derive a number of linked-up dynamics and emerging trends. The Atlantic space is particularly relevant for the European Union (EU) and can be regarded both as an arena for its international projection and a test bed for its global governance agenda, particularly in regard to the adoption of the EU Global Strategy. This paper sketches out some elements for an EU’s pan-Atlantic agenda: it focuses on both policy priorities that the EU should set and implement in an Atlantic dimension – in the four sectors of economy and finances, security, energy and environment, and people and institutions – and the type of engagement that the EU should develop with Atlantic partners in order to establish effective structures of governance.

  • Elements for an EU’s pan-Atlantic agenda: building an Atlantic community
    February 26, 2016
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