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Marine resources and coastal livelihoods

ATLANTIC FUTURE scientific paper no. 15 is out: "Marine resource management and coastal livelihoods: an Atlantic perspective", by Elizabeth Tedsen, Benjamin Boteler, Katriona McGlade, Tanja Srebotnjak, and Katrina Abhold at Ecologic Institute

Marine ecosystem resources play important roles in coastal countries, providing numerous benefits and services. This paper examines opportunities and challenges to managing marine resources, promoting coastal protection, and supporting coastal livelihoods for select Atlantic Basin coastal countries. Through in-depth case study analyses of four Atlantic Basin countries – Canada, Guatemala, Guinea-Bissau, and Venezuela – we explore the relative importance of marine resources, management measures, challenges and trade-offs, and opportunities for improving marine management and sustainable resource use. The case studies highlight the great environmental, socioeconomic, and political diversity found throughout the Atlantic Basin. At the same time, common challenges and opportunities for marine resource use and management within these countries and across the wider Atlantic can be identified, revealing the need for the strong regional cooperation to promote sustainability, protect marine resources and coastal areas, and maximize benefits for coastal populations.

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  • Scientific paper no. 15: "Marine resource management and coastal livelihoods: an Atlantic perspective"
    October 9, 2014
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